If I Had A Beard…

Beginning to fall in love with the idea of a beard.   Now, I realize full well that anytime one brings up such a crazy idea, one must qualify what one style of beard one is referring to. 

I mean, OBVIOUSLY, I’m NOT thinking about some nasty homeless beard … obviously…

Or, some wimpy, effeminate, girly beard

I’m talking about some manly, flippin’ sweet beard that almost borders on a muslim beard

like my main man Mike Tomlin THAT’S what I’m talking about!  Who’s with me?!  Granted, I could NEVER look as BAD-“A” as that man, but with a beard like that, I’d be close.

Thoughts?  This is still in the waning phases of the “take suggestions” stage… but, it’s nearing the “Let’s DO This!” phase…


2 thoughts on “If I Had A Beard…

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