Just In Time For The Holidays!

Just when you thought there was absolutely nothing left to purchase or even lust over this holiday season – there come some old favorites that just might be exactly what everyone’s been looking for.

Introducing…. Greed!  And what could possibly go better with Greed than…. IDOLATRY!!  With the combo pack of Greed and Idolatry you can rest assured that your loved ones will be so consumed with these great, time tested products that they’ll forsake EVERYTHING ELSE!

Forget family relationships, holiday traditions, or even a growing understanding of who God is – with a life full of GREED and IDOLATRY who needs anything else?!

And, the best part is – no standing in long lines or having to waste hours in crowded stores!  Greed and Idolatry can be YOURS whenever you want!!  So, don’t wait!  Get yours TODAY!!!

** Greed and Idolatry are products of Sin&Death Merchandising and are copy-written accordingly.  Any use of these products with our first consulting with The Doctor will result in immediate happiness and similar sensations to joyfulness, identity, and purposefulness.  However, side-effects include, but are not limited to, broken relationship with God, family, and spouse, pride, self-righteousness, indignation, insensitivity to others, and irritable bowel syndrome.  Check first with your Doctor prior to selling your soul for Greed and Idolatry to discover that your Doctor has already given you everything you could possibly think you need.  Consider yourself warned…


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