One Great Book.

We’re reading (for the second time) The Pilgrim’s Progress with our boys, and it is truly one great book.  If you’ve never had the opportunity to read it, do it.  It’s a great story of how difficult the Christian life is and how few people persevere to the end. 

Here’s a little taste.  Remember, the whole story is set as a dream that the author had, he’s re-telling what he saw a man named “Christian” go through:

“I also saw that once again Interpreter took him by the hand and led him into a pleasant place where a stately Palace had been contstructed.  It was beautiful to behold, and when Christian saw it, he was greatly delighted.  He observed some people walking up on the top of the Palace, and they were all clothed in gold.

Then Christian asked, ‘May we go in there?’

Interpreter took him and led him up toward the door of the Palace.  At the door stood a great number of peole, all desiring to enter but none daring to try.  There was a man sitting at a table near the door with a Book and Pen, ready to take the name of anyone who would go in.  Christian saw also that many men in armor stood in the doorway to guard it, having resolved to inflict injury and mischief on those who would enter.  Christian was amazed!

At last, after every other man had drawn back in fear, Christian saw a man with a resolute expression come up to the one seated at the table.  He said, ‘Write down my name, sir,’ and it was done.  Then Christian saw the man draw his Sward and put a Helmet on his head.  The man rushed toward the door, and the armed men came upon him with deadly force.  Not at all dis-heartened, he fought back, cutting and slashing with fierce determination.  After a bloody confrontation with those who sought to keep him out, he fought his way through them all and pressed forward into the Palace.  Then there could be heard pleasant voices from within, even from the Three that walked on top of the Palace.  They said, ‘Come in, come in, Eteral glory you shall win.’

So the man went in and was clothed with garments like their own.

There are so many great analogies and stories on every page, I’m sure there’s going to be more to share soon.  But, for now, this is it.


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