Not Impressed.

I’m sure everyone watched the dunk contest this past weekend.  If you did – you saw something that no one has ever done before… because it’s lame and unimpressive.  Blake Griffin jumped over a car.  While that sounds amazing when you first hear it.  The truth of the matter is, he jumped over the HOOD of a KIA OPTIMA.  So, that means he jumped ALMOST TWO FEET in the air!  Wow.  What’s next? 


2 thoughts on “Not Impressed.

  1. This was a debauchery of the slam dunk contest. Blatant product placement and a freakin…..choir??!! horrible. I love that the announce acknowledges that fact.

    • woot, my friend, woot. I love how TNT nearly missed the dunk with their great close-up of the choir and then a DRAMATIC cut-away to see the end of Griffin’s dunk. I heard one guy say that Baron Davis looked like Oscar the Grouch with his head poking out of the moon-roof of that LUXURY car…

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