Well, THAT Was Fast…

Thankfully, Wikipedia already has stats and info regarding THIS YEAR’S NCAA Tournament.  I thought I was going to have to wait until next year to have all my questions answered.  But, it looks like it is true – this is the MOST unlikely Final Four ever…

Trivia Regarding #1 Seeds in the Final Four

Since the NCAA started seeding teams (1979), only once have all #1 seeds made it to the Final Four (National Semifinals):

  • 2008 Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA, Memphis (Memphis’s season was later vacated by the NCAA due to use of an ineligible player)

The championship game has matched two #1 seeds only six times:

  • 1982 North Carolina defeated Georgetown
  • 1993 North Carolina defeated Michigan
  • 1999 Connecticut defeated Duke
  • 2005 North Carolina defeated Illinois
  • 2007 Florida defeated Ohio State
  • 2008 Kansas defeated Memphis

At least one #1 seed has made the Final Four in every year except:

In 2011, the highest seed to advance to the Final Four was #3 seed Connecticut; the only time that neither a #1 seed nor a #2 seed advanced into the final weekend of play. In the same tournament, Butler made history as the first program to make consecutive Final Fours while not being seeded #1 or #2 in either season.

The only team to beat three #1 seeds in a single tournament was #4 seed Arizona in 1997. Due to tournament structure, it is impossible to play a team from each one of the regions in a single tournament, thus it’s impossible to play all four #1 seeds in a single tournament.

(you can read the whole wikipedia article here.



About bloody time someone smart started puttin’ together some “sermon jams” with Matt Chandler’s stuff! I mean, what’s taking you God lovin’ nerds SO LONG?  Here’s some amazing pieces that I’ve just come across… maybe I’m late to the party on this, but it’s SO MONEY….

and, this one’s longer and slower, but still SO MONEY –

So, How Big IS Africa Anyways?

Not sure if “you’ve” already seen this, but it’s pretty amazing to think of just how big Africa is compared to the rest of the world.   The names of the countries don’t show up too well, but I think you get the picture… Or, for those who went to public school, the big dark brown one is the U.S. – the rest probably don’t really matter to you, but at least you can think of the fact that Africa is, like, bigger than, like, here and stuff.

What A Start.

What a start to what is probably the greatest non-summer month of the year – otherwise known as March Madness.  If you didn’t catch the Moorehead St. game because you have a real job, this is how it came down – a buzzer beater taken by a guy who hadn’t made a shot the entire second half.  Unbelievable.