Oh Crap.

The other night we’d finished watching the epic film known as “Despicable Me” with the boys, and as they were heading up to brush their teeth we landed on what was probably the only thing on the 12 channels we get that we’d NEVER watch – The Country Music Awards.  I’ve NEVER heard a country song worth listening to, and so you can imagine my surprise when we found ourselves actually given the show a day in court, but we had nothing better to do at the moment.  And then, this Taylor Swift comes on to do a song, and we might be the ONLY people in America to have NEVER heard a Taylor Swift song – I figured she was just like that Justin Beiber kid (which I’ve never heard his crap before either…)  And she starts playing this song called “So Mean” and it’s like… really good… and a couple more lines pass and I say, “I’d never thought I’d actually say I like a Taylor Swift song!”  To which my lovely bride agreed.  And by the end of the song, I’m absolutely loving it!  The next day I play it for the boys and they reluctantly agree that they like it too!  And, then we’ve all got the blasted song stuck in our heads all blasted day!  And, we loved it!  And, all of a sudden I’m like, “CRAP!  I’ve become one of THOSE dads that’s gonna wind up at a Taylor Swift concert singing all the words with all the annoying kids!”  But, I’ve been consoling myself with the fact that I’d never be able to afford tickets to one of her concerts, so hopefully that’ll help prolong the innevitable…  If you care to see exactly what we saw, here it is, if you don’t care – why you gotta be so mean?…


2 thoughts on “Oh Crap.

  1. Dawn has listened to her before, when we were watching t.v in the room together (you know when you and peter were in the other bed together :0 ) we watched a thing on how she got famous. She is totally self-made and says that almost all of her songs are written about real people, mostly boys : )! She has also written lots of songs for other people…super talented girl and easy on the eyes!

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