One Complete History.

Came across this little video on the history of Chad that Aljazeera put together.  Don’t worry it’s in english, but it is over 20 minutes long…  Really cool tho.



Oh My.

Color me crazy, but I thought that looking up some kid’s cartoons in french might be a good way to get some practice.  Little did I know what french children actually have to watch!  If you make it to the end of this, you’ll want to adopt some poor french children so that they won’t have to be subjected to this kind of “entertainment” any longer…

Good gravy!

Good Stuff.

Had the opportunity to listen to a phenomenal sermon while on a run yesterday that’s worth sharing to say the least.  It was given by J.R. Vasser while he was at The Village Church and he spoke on something called “Hyper Reality” – which is when we buy into a picture of what reality is and work to make this made up reality our own (confused?)

Basically, when we all watched The Cosby Show we all said, “I want my family to be like that!”  and so we raise up The Cosby Show as how a family should be, and so when we realize that our family is NOTHING like the Huxtables and never will be we’re disappointed and even border on depression because our life can’t be like what we perceive “real life” is.

But, The Cosby Show ISN’T REAL!!  And yet, we work to line our lives up with fantasy.  Maybe your thing isn’t to be like Cliff & Claire, but it’s something.  Vasser gave this gauge to find your “Hyper Reality” – how you answer this reveals your driving motivation in your life – “I will be happy when ____ .”

So, what is it?  Will you be happy when your kids behave, when you and your spouse don’t fight anymore, when you take that vacation, when you make a comfortable living, when your house is big enough, when your vacation house is big enough, when you look like a supermodel, when your spouse looks like a supermodel, when your sex life is fulfilling, when you drive that car, when you eat that food… when you ___ ?

We’ve basically become so addicted to consumerism that we can’t live without the next thing – whatever that next thing might be!  As soon as we even get close to what we thing we’ll be happy with, we need a bigger, more glamorous, more sexed-up version of it.

And, as Christians, we’re saying, “I’ll take everything BUT Jesus!”  Everything else is going to satisfy except the one who came to give us abundant life.

And, he does a fantastic job of moving from our addiction to consumerism and showing us the Gospel & how Jesus came to save us from ourselves – and thank God He has!!

Listen to the sermon.  It’s worth your time.  It’s called “Hyper-Reality” and it’s right now #13 on The Village Church’s sermon audio list.