Terrible News.

My dad’s neighbor, Scott, has been dying of cancer.  They live in the country, each have 5 acres of land, but they share the same driveway, and their houses are walking distance from each other.  Over the years, they’ve worked on projects together, shared equipment, taken care of each other’s animals…

My dad had been wrestling with what to do and how to talk to his dying neighbor about what’s next.  We have no knowledge of his relationship with God, but it’s apparent that he needs Jesus.

Finally, my dad made a conscious decision yesterday to go over and talk with his neighbor about eternity and what the next chapter of Scott’s life will look like.  He’d called me to say that he was going over there when he got home from work.  He wasn’t sure what to say or how to say anything, but he knew he owed it to his neighbor to say something.  I said I’d pray for him and to let me know how it went.

He called me just before dinner time to say that he finally got the courage to take the short walk over to Scott’s house.  I’m sure his heart & mind were racing with what to say & how the conversation might go.

When my dad got to his neighbor’s house, he was told that Scott had just died.

And, all I can think of is how many times throughout history and around the world is this very same scenario played out?  I know I’ve done it too many times to count.

People are dying all around us.  All day, every day.


So, We’re Going To A Family Reunion For This Next Joke…

Leaving today for the big Wiebe Reunion on the Oregon Coast.  One the way down, we’re stopping by the Tillamook Cheese Factory and ever since we made the plans to do so, I can’t stop thinking about & quoting one particularly hilarious Bud Light Commercial.  Now, I’m not a partaker of their product (as one friend says, when asked if he’d like a Bud Light – “Not even if I was homeless!”)  but they know how to put together an ad or two.  This one is probably my favorite of all time.  Enjoy!