Happy Birthday to Caleb!!

Today is the day that we celebrate our little Caleb turning eight!  Hard to believe.  What a sweetheart.  Over the past seven short years, our little emotional volcano is learning how to process all that goes on in that big heart of his.

When he was in the church nursery – he was the one that copied the teachers, and went around laying his hands on the other kids, praying for them – otherwise known as “Caleb the Pastor.”


As he grew, so did another side of him – what his mother termed, “Caleb, The Green-Eyed Monster”!  He’d fly off the handle – slamming doors, throwing things in an intense rage.

As his parents grew, we realized that this little volcano needed something unique to survive – snuggle time.  Without it, Caleb the Green-Eyed Monster appears.  With snuggles, Caleb the Pastor walks among us.

There are few kids that I’ve met with a softer heart, and a willingness to love others and care for people better than most adults can.  This kid is something else.

Thank you, Lord – for this precious gift we call “Caleb” and for opening our eyes to his specific needs.  May you draw him you Yourself and use Him to advance Your Kingdom as only he can.


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