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Definitely worth your time.  Watched this with my lovely bride yesterday during our date.  Piper interviewing David Platt… what a couple of genius’!

And, why is it that every time I see Platt I always think, “Is that guy old enough to get a rental car?”  But, MAN is he on track!  Thank God for men like these!

Unfortunately you’ll have to watch it at Desiring God.



Thank you, Desiring God.  This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for – been feeling like a bit of a slacker as a Dad lately & want to ramp up the intentionality of my parenting.

How to Help Your Boys Become Christian Men

July 21, 2011 | by: Josh Etter | Category: Recommendations

Vern Poythress shares about how he and his wife thought about training their boys to become Christian men:

When does a boy become a man in [American culture]? When he gets a driver’s license? When he graduates from high school? When he moves away from his parents? When he can vote? When he gets his first full-time job? When he is 21? When he gets married? When he owns his own home?

No one can say. There is no clear point of transition. There is no one “rite of passage.” One of the unfortunate effects can be that boys are insecure. They don’t know when they are men. . .

What do we do to give proper guidance? I know and you know that there is no magic formula. God must be at work in teaching us and our boys, and he must be the one who causes them to grow (1 Corinthians 3:7). But you and I can plant and water.

Here are six components of the training:

  1. Knowledge of the contents of the Bible.
  2. Memorization of selected verses and passages of the Bible.
  3. Knowledge of the major teachings of the Bible (doctrine).
  4. Personal piety.
  5. Projects of service and mercy. Serving the church; serving the needy.
  6. Wisdom in dealing with various spheres of life.

Read the entire article for his explanation and recommended resources.