In An Attempt To Dominate All Things Inter-Web…

Not that my five readers haven’t already seen this through email or on facebook, but I got to thinking, “Why not post this on the blog?…  Who’s gonna stop me?…  Maybe, just MAYBE by posting this video on the WordPress blog, it’ll get picked up by some search engine somewhere and become some huge, viral, inter-web sensation?…  I mean,… how in the world does that whole “viral” thing work anyways?  And how do people, let alone search engines, even find these videos in the first place?…  Is there some ranking system or some group of inter-web nerds that just sit there all day long scouring the entire internet for funny videos and then just decide to pass on anything related to cats?…   Because there are an inordinate number of cat videos floating around… and cats aren’t even THAT funny or cute… And, who’s in charge of determining what’s funny or cute?… because, any poorly made video that I can string together is going to be way more awesome than any stupid thing some dumb cat can do… So, maybe I should put it up on the blog afterall…”

Yep,… that’s what I was thinking…



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