Dear Diary…

Been feeling a bit … unsure of the “what’s next” in our life.  The plan is to leave everything behind in 5 short months, but it’s such a big job to go.  There is a language to learn, there are friends to leave, family to say “good-bye” to, children to prepare, things to pack, paperwork to fill out, and not to mention having the funds to actually get there & STAY THERE. 

At times,… a lot of the time… it would just be easier to not go at all.

At times like these, I check my heart & my motivation for going & recall the reason why we’ve set our course for Africa.  And, it is times like today that I read & listen to some mission-minded writers & speakers to help put one tired foot in front of the other.

THIS piece of Piper is good for my soul to hear & I’m assuming yours as well?



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