Dude Perfect Is Just Plain AWESOME!

The guys have another video out & they pose a great question:  “What if the world was made out of trampolines?”  Great question.


Walk In The Park.

The annual “Manly-Man Hike” came & went last week & boy was it a beaut!  It was without a doubt the most beautiful area I’ve ever hiked to & may be in contention for the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen!  The only downer was the bugs – hundreds of bugs… everywhere.  Needless to say, I’m covered in bug bites & would like to go a long time before seeing another mosquito. 

For those curious – we hiked out of Rainy Pass off of Hwy 20 & traveled the 11.5 miles to Snowy Lakes/Golden Horn area.  And stayed there 3 days & then hiked out. 

Here’s some evidences of my claims of just how beautiful it is:

Sunset on the mountain & lake behind our camp.

Our little tent by the big mountain & snowy lake.

Me pumping water out of Snowy Lake with Mt. Hardy behind me (the highest peak – actually, we had a couple of guys climb to the top of that peak one day.  I was not one of them.)

Some of our “camp”.


“Now THAT’S Called ‘Using Your Head!'” & Other Stupid One-Liners…

That’s all I can do after watching this video – make moronic, predictable cliches…

He really keeps his eye on the ball.

Never give up.

Keep your head in the game.

Players make plays.

It’s never over ’till it’s over.