The Picky Eater.

I HATE this commercial.  It makes my blood boil –

You know where you won’t find a “picky eater”?  Anywhere outside of America.  Try playing this commercial in the Horn of Africa – can you imagine the looks on their faces as the mom casually says, “She won’t eat this (fish).  Or this (vegetables)…”  As nearly 300,000 kids literally die each day from starvation… how PATHETIC is this mom?

And the sad thing is, there are SO MANY parents today that give their kids the same “options”.  “What do you want, sweetheart?”  How did Mom and Dad become the equivalent of a McDonald’s drive thru order taker?  Our parents never gave us these options – why would we think we should do this to our kids?  What kind of adults are we creating?  What ungrateful little jerks we’re sending into society…

And we create more “picky eaters” to our shame.  Shame on us.

Eat your damn food & be thankful to God that you have ANY options.


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