What If YOU Were In A War?

Been thinking a lot lately about life & death, and specifically how easy life can be for those of us in the great U.S.  Some of these “thoughts” have been spurred on by the 10 year 9/11 anniversary.  It was just amazing how differently we all thought about life during those first weeks and for maybe even a month for some.  It was like we were in a war.  Things were just different.

But, what if you were in a war right now?

How much food would you eat for each meal?  And, how long would you take to eat it?

How much time would you spend getting dressed?  Would style matter?

Would your house look like you live in a magazine?  How much money & effort would you put into decorating?

Would you send your kids to school?

Would your family be involved in organized sports 3 or 5 days a week?

How much time would you spend on the internet?

How much TV would you watch?  What would you watch?

How much food would you buy for your dog, or cat or hamster?


It all depends, doesn’t it?  It depends on how big of an impact this imaginary “war” would have on your life.  And, for some (I doubt ANY that are reading this) in far off countries, living in a war isn’t playing pretend – life & death is right in front of them every day.

But, the truth is, a very real “war” is always going on around us every day all the time.  And, most of us are losing and don’t even know it.  Especially believers.

God, our “Commanding Officer” of sorts, has given us our commands & our mission – to go out as “sheep among wolves” & advance His Kingdom.  In the words of John Piper, “everyone knows what happens to sheep among wolves!”  But that’s where we find ourselves – & for most of us (I’d say “all of us” but don’t want to sound too dramatic) rather than fighting in ANY part of the “war” we consume ourselves with consuming – food, clothing, decorations, sports, TV, internet… and on and on until we’ve become so obese with greed that we can’t even move anymore much less fight in this “war” that we’ve enlisted in.

And, we all know this – at least at some level.  And yet, we can’t seem to do much to stop ourselves from being distracted from our mission.  I guess, that’s the bigger question – how do we keep fighting?  How do we keep from being distracted?  How do we keep from being consumed with consuming?  How do we see life for the war that it is?



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