Good Words on Godliness…

Working thru a study on “godliness” by Jerry Bridges called, “The Practice of Godliness“.  If you haven’t already done so, you HAVE TO read this study yourself!

Among the hundreds of pure solid gold gems I’ve already come across (and I’m only on page 45) are these:

“I have been in a full-time Christian ministry for well over twenty-five years and have served both overseas and in the United States.  During this time I have met many talented and capable Christians, but I think I have met fewer godly Christians.  The emphasis of our age is on serving God, accomplishing things for God…. What are we training ourselves for?  Are we training ourselves only in Christian activity, as good as that may be, or are we training ourselves first of all in godliness?”

“… no one ever becomes godly without a commitment to pay the price of the daily spiritual training God has designed for our growth in godliness…

There is a price to godliness, and godliness is never on sale.  It never comes cheaply or easily.”

“You always find time for what is important to you.  How important is the practice of godliness to you?  Is it important enough to take priority over television, books, magazines, recreation, and a score of activities that we all somehow find time to engage in?”



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