Opportunity of a Lifetime…

Returned from roughin’ it a week in Hawaii & now to brag about my adventures.  As a wise man once said, “Vacations are like Fantasy Football Teams – I’m glad you had one, I just don’t want to hear about it.”  With that in mind…

Not sure how many of you watch Man Vs. Food but you should.  Show’s awesome.  And, it just so happens that they went to Oahu and ate at a place called the Hukilau Cafe.  Since I was on Oahu, one of the stops I felt we had to make was at such a cafe.  Well, lo & behold we happened to be driving & I saw a sign for “Hukilau Beach” – which I exclaimed to my bride, “THE HUKILAU BEACH?!” and not more than 20 feet after that sign I read a sign and exclaimed with even more ferver, “THE HUKILAU CAFE?!!!!!”  To which we happily pulled over and began what would become the greatest detour we’ve ever taken (I’m sure she agrees).

To help get an idea of the gravity of what we’re dealing with, here’s some video clips to help get you in the mood…


And, Adam & the Man Vs. Food nation sets the stage:


Couldn’t have said it better myself.  But, just to prove I was there:

Ah, man it was AWESOME!  I’m re-living the whole experience as we speak.

Thank you Jesus for the Hukilau Burger!



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