Heard this story on the Dori Monson show (watch the video from The Today Show here) – absolutely amazing woman & amazing decision.

Would you give up your life for your unborn child?

If you had to choose, would you choose the life of your unborn baby over your own? (AP)

A 41-year-old pregnant woman diagnosed with head and neck cancer in the first few months of her pregnancy had to make a difficult choice between her own life and that of her baby.

Stacie Crimm decided to save the life of her baby and leave her cancer untreated. Crimm was able to meet her daughter for only moments. She died three days after her baby girl was born.

“Would you be able to make that trade for a child who had not been born?” 97.3 KIRO FM host Dori Monson asked listeners.

Listen to Dori Monson Show conversation: Would you give up your life for your unborn child?

Monson said the choice is easy once your children are born.

“For those of us who are parents, would I trade my life to save one of my kids? Absolutely, in a heartbeat. You do that,” said Monson. “I don’t think there’s any hesitation in very many of us about that.”

But Monson said in the case of an unborn child, even pro-life advocates make exceptions when the mother’s life is at stake.

“The caveat for people that are against abortion is unless the mother’s life is in jeopardy.”

Monson asked listeners what choice they would make if faced with that decision and received many different responses.

Listener Susie from Bellevue said the mother should think about the fact that they’re leaving the child without a parent.

“I guess the logic for me is as a parent, is how is that giving the best for your child?”

Shelli from Kirkland said her mother was faced with a similar decision when pregnant with her younger brother.

“My mother, when I was 8-years-old, became pregnant with my baby brother and was having some stomach cramping so she went in to see the doctor and they discovered that she had ovarian cancer. They said it was treatable, but she would certainly lose the baby. She decided not to be treated at all. As difficult as it was, I remember for my dad he supported her, but they knew what the outcome would be.”

Shelli said that her brother was born healthy, but their mother didn’t make it to his second birthday. She says the family decided not to tell her brother about the choice their mother made.

“We’ve never told him. No one in the family has ever told him. I think that would be something that would be difficult for him to bear.”

There was also one caller with a happy ending to a similar situation. Dusty from Sumner found out she had cervical cancer during her pregnancy.

“The cancer was invasive and they wanted to treat, however they said if they were to treat, I would lose the baby,” said Dusty. “This wasn’t something where they said ‘you’re going to die,’ but they said that if I waited to treat the cancer, there was a possibility that it could spread.”

Dusty said she and her care providers monitored the situation carefully to determine how to proceed.

“They said I could wait and they could take the baby early, or I could wait to full term, and just kind of deal with the consequences. So we waited. I got to 20 weeks, they tested again. It hadn’t spread. It was still in my cervix area and I waited. I waited until full term. My baby was healthy and beautiful and I was treated afterward, and I’m fine.”

In the case of Stacie Crimm, her daughter Dottie Mae is now being raised by her brother. He tells The Today Show the moment he got to see his sister hold her child was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.


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