Our french lesson this week consisted of listening to a popular french song & figuring out what it’s about.  While at the lesson, I had to double check with our tutor that this is, in face, a popular song in france – he reassured it was and that he REALLY like it!

Your thoughts?

Ignore the lame spanish subtitles – this is the only version I could find.  If you’re REALLY curious of what the song’s about (you need a life), the title says, “There is a girl that lives with me” and he’s talking about how different his life is now that he has a girl living with him – everything’s clean, smelling good, & there’s healthy food in the fridge… Again, I had to make sure with our tutor that this was, in fact, a well-loved song & he reassured me not only that it was but that this singer is really famous.

Can’t wait to get more of this!  Ugh…


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