Oh, How I Hate Hippies…

Well, “hate” might be a strong word…

So, time comes to renew my tabs & of course the lady tells me I have to pass an emissions test before I can buy my tabs this year.  Never before have I had to do this, we live in an area where emissions testing is unnecessary but, of course, now that my vehicle is 10 years old, the state says they need more money from me before I can pay them money to keep myself from getting a ticket which will cost me more money.

So, I play their game & go to the waste of space they’ve named the Emissions Testing Facility & of course my vehicle doesn’t pass emissions.  Not that they testing the actual emissions that come out of my vehicle, but they plug some computer thing into my vehicle’s computer & their computer tells me I fail.  So, now it’s off to spend more money so that I can give them money so that I won’t get a ticket and have to spend even MORE money.

Of course the Catalytic Converter is out and so I’m out a couple hundred dollars BEFORE spending money for the tabs so that I don’t get a ticket & have to spend even MORE money… All to satisfy some hippies that say that penguins will die if I don’t drop $300 on a Catalytic Converter… What a joke.

And, to further my frustration – Washington plans to do away with emissions testing altogether!!??  Wow… REALLY glad I went through all this.  Thanks Ms. Gregoire – I mean, Ms. Worstgovernerintheworld.


3 thoughts on “Oh, How I Hate Hippies…

  1. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. Taxes are a fact and component of life. That said, oppose them at will if you have an alternative. It’s one of the many benefits of citizenship.

    • taxes are one thing, needless programs that are only in place to suck money from the citizens is another. I’ve got no problem with paying appropriate taxes – emissions testing is NOT a tax, it’s obviously an unnecessary program since they’re doing away with it.

      • If you’re paying money to a government mandated program, it’s a tax. It was money going to support environmental laws that are apparently no longer as much of a concern to those making the rules.

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