What ARE You Waiting For?



Thank You, Mr. Gaffigan!

I had the privilege of seeing Mr. Jim Gaffigan IN PERSON, LIVE in Seattle a couple of years ago.  And, at that show he did all new material!  I was SO STOKED and it was SO AWESOME!

Since then, I’ve been waiting for the day when his new material would be available for all to enjoy.  Thankfully, that day has come.

Here’s a bit he did on Whales.  He’s edgy, I know.  But, funny…


Be sure to support the man & buy his DVD on the 11th at jimgaffigan.com.  ONLY $5!!

Not Quite Waffle House, But…

Whilst in Hawaii, we went out to a place that vaguely resembled Waffle House (at least the thought came to mind).  So, it wasn’t exactly the same, but it at least provides the opportunity to run some Gaffigan up in this joint!!

For the record, while at this establishment I consumed the WORST burger I’ve ever had – according to the menu it was their “signature burger”… Still trying to get that memory burned from my head… and stomach…