Happened upon this years NCAA Dunk Contest last night & boy am I glad I did!  Some 5’9″ kid went all crazy all over the place.  It was sick.

Here’s what you missed.



‘Bout Time!

No secret here that I’ve been a big fan of a kid that calls himself “Devinsupertramp”.  He’s made videos that have graced the pages of this blog such as this:


And, like all artistic genius’, he had his “misses”.  But it’s SO NICE to see he’s back to putting together something that rocks.  Here’s his latest piece on the Winter X Games.  So rad.

The Worst of 2011

Alright, I think there’s time for ONE more 2011 list, isn’t there?  At least one that doesn’t include cat videos.

How about ESPN’s “Worst of the Worst of 2011”?


I love how they can’t stop laughing at the end.  That’s about the funniest part.

Grood stuff.