The Wiebe’s in Cyberspace!!

Well, either hell has frozen over or I just have too much time on my hands now, but the Wiebe’s have joined the blogosphere and the webernet.  It’s a lot of pressure trying to keep up with all you nerds, but we’ll try to keep it real and stay true to our roots as we discuss life in our hood straight from our dome… always stickin’ it to "the man" at all costs. 
Most of you reading this are already sick of receiving my endless Youtube videos and long-winded sermons, so in an effort to keep your inboxes a little less full, we’ll just see if we can’t post those wonderful treasures here.
For the remaining 4 people that will check back on a regular basis, I hope to be able keep you plugged into our life- full of videos, pics, thoughts, and upcoming events.